FAQs on SUSS Reader

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The SUSS Reader is a reader app that will allow SUSS students to read, with convenience and ease, ePub eBooks and StudyGuides. It is available in both iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Having a SUSS Reader allows you to have a consistent and error free experience when reading standard ePubs and StudyGuides. While our iSGs are ePub validated, we take additional steps to ensure that all our iSGs work well with SUSS Reader.

With the SUSS Reader, you can

  • Access all iSG content on your mobile devices, including bite-sized study units, videos, chunked lesson recordings, audio clips and formative assessments.
  • Read DRM free ePubs by downloading it to local storage through external URLs or supplied feeds.
  • Access hundreds of free eBooks from Public Domain feed in-app. Once downloaded, the ePubs are organized on your Bookshelf, and may be read offline.

For now, the SUSS Reader only supports ePub format (and not PDF). This is to ensure best readability on hand held or mobile devices.

All iSGs that are in ePub format are available in the SUSS Reader.

Go to ‘Catalogues’, and search for your iSG from StudyGuides.

Click on the ’Search’ button and enter the course code or course title to perform the search.

Alternatively, these feeds are organized by Schools. Tap on ‘more >’ to access them, and you can further filter them by discipline using the ‘filter’ button for a more specific search.

For iOS phones, go to ‘Catalogues’, and tap ‘Add’.

For Android phones, go to ‘Catalogues’ and tap ‘+’.

Currently, only the android version of the SUSS Reader app supports highlights and annotation function.

To create highlights or annotations, simply press and hold to select a word or drag the cursor if you want to select more than one word.

At the pop up window, select highlights or annotation to perform the respective action.


Kindly note that the current iOS version of the SUSS Reader app does not support highlights and annotations.

We are working to include these features in our version updates.

You may use as many devices as you like for the same account, but each will require you to login for the first time when you download the app.

Kindly note that although you are using the same account, it is currently not possible to sync your Bookshelf (with the iSGs and e-books that you have downloaded) across devices.

Yes. You can find a simple screen tutorial on how to use the SUSS Reader in the app under Info > how to use.

In IOS version, swipe once horizontally to go to the next page/section.

In Android version, swipe twice horizontally to go to the next page/section.

In IOS version, simply tap on the top of the screen to hide/unhide the menu bar. Navigate back to the Bookshelf by tapping on the “Bookshelf” button.

In Android version, simply tap on the top of the screen to hide/unhide the menu bar. Navigate back to the bookshelf by tapping on the Bookshelf icon on the top left hand corner of the menu bar.

In latest version release,

  • the Catalogues listing has only 4 tabs : Award-winning iSGs, Featured iSGs, StudyGuides and Open Textbooks
  • all iSGs have been consolidated and can now be accessed from the StudyGuides tab
  • the introductory screens and ‘How to Use’ tutorial screens have also been updated