The Learning Services Cluster supports the delivery of high quality academic programmes through educational initiatives, innovative pedagogies and learning technologies. This cluster, headed by Vice President (Learning Services), consists of the Digital Library Services (DLS) Department, the Educational Media and Resources (EMR) Department, the Learning Technology and Services (LTS) Department, and the Online Learning Unit (OLE).

Digital Library Services (DLS)

As the shared centre of intellectual life, DLS advances research, teaching and lifelong learning through top-notch resources and services.

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Educational Media and Resources (EMR)

EMR works with the Schools to adopt appropriate educational technology to create e-Learning content, and facilitate delivery of learning to our students anytime, anywhere.

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Learning Technology and Services (LTS)

LTS supports SUSS's drive towards excellence and flexible learning in the area of learning systems and applications. It provides technical services, technology training and service desk support for our learning management systems, and spearheads development of innovative mobile learning technologies and applications that enhance our students' learning experience.

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Online Learning Unit (OLE)

OLE drives SUSS' efforts for a flexible learning environment by offering students the opportunity to enrol in a number of full online courses every semester as part of their undergraduate curriculum.

These online courses feature an assortment of virtual learning tools, interactive activities and other resources that are designed to keep students fully engaged in an exclusively online learning environment.

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