About StudyGuide

The interactive StudyGuide (iSG) is an e-book that comes with most courses in SUSS.

Written by the SUSS Faculty and Associate Faculty, the StudyGuide is designed to encourage students to interact with the subject through quizzes, activities, self-reflection and self-assessment.

The content in the StudyGuide is broken into bite-sized topics and organized into study units to be covered over the course of study.

It provides students with a convenient single point-of-access to all critical learning resources and contains detailed information on the course structure including the course overview, learning outcomes, assessment components, subject matter, as well as course introductory video, chunked lesson recordings, audio clips, formative assessments with feedback and more.

Accessible on multiple devices and across various operating systems, it enables students to learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere, even without network connectivity.


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How to access and download StudyGuide

  1. Login to Canvas LMS
  2. Select your enrolled course 'L' group, for example BUS123_JAN23_L01
  3. From the LMS left menu, select 'iBookstore' from the menu
  4. Access and download your course StudyGuide in the digital format(s) available
  5. For some courses, you have the option to launch StudyGuide in VitalSource Bookshelf online reader

How to launch StudyGuide in VitalSource Bookshelf online

  2. Login to VitalSource Bookshelf online
  3. Create an account using your SUSS email address if this is your first login
  4. After login, you can begin your reading

How to read StudyGuide offline in VitalSource Bookshelf app

  1. Click on the "..." three dot icon on the top right corner of VitalSource Bookshelf online
  2. Select 'Download App' from the drop-down menu
  3. Download and install VitalSource Bookshelf app
  4. After login to Bookshelf app, refresh your library
  5. Select cover image or 'Continue Reading' button to download the StudyGuide

Video guide

For step-by-step guide to access StudyGuide and print contents on VitalSource Bookshelf, click here.

Features of StudyGuide on VitalSource

* Sharing of Highlights and CoachMe™ features are only available in VitalSource online. CoachMe™ is only available in selected StudyGuide.