About SUSS StudyGuide Excellence Award

Inaugurated for the 2019 academic year, the SUSS StudyGuide Excellence Awards are given out to Course Developers and Head of Programmes to recognise them for their efforts in producing high quality learning materials to enhance students’ learning at SUSS.

Winners were selected based on the various aspects of the study materials including writing, structure, assessment, links, references and interactivity.

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StudyGuide Excellence Award Winners

  1. 1st Prize

  2. Head of Programme Assoc Prof Emily Ortega
    Course Developer Assoc Prof Emily Ortega

    In PSY373 Psychology of Nonverbal Behaviours, communication is believed to be mostly nonverbal and only a small percentage of communication is what is actually said. Nonverbal behaviours reveal who we are and how we perceive others.


    By understanding key components of nonverbal behaviours like tone of voice and body language, students can develop essential skills to enhance their communication skills and understand the motivations, intentions, and behaviours of people better.

  3. 2nd Prize

  4. Head of Programme Khoo Sim Eng
    Course Developer Mirabelle Ang Ting Ting

    FLM359 Navigating Singapore’s Film Industry focuses on the wide array of Singapore films made from 2001 onwards. The course will look at key films, ranging from highly commercial films with mass appeal to independent films on shoestring budgets. ...You will study how contemporary local films tackle issues such as heartland dreams, national identity, taboo subjects, nostalgia, and language use, and will trace out the trends and changes as the local film industry matures. You will also examine crucial factors affecting local filmmaking, such as the availability of funding, the role of censorship, the importance of local filmmaking schools, and the impact of film awards. You will be required to view representative Singapore films and critique relevant articles. The films will feature the use of English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, and some Chinese dialects.

  5. 3rd Prize

  6. Head of Programme Assoc Prof Tan Yan Weng
    Course Developers Dr Sugoutam Ghosh, Dr Zhao Qitong

    Maintaining inventory is costly. The challenge of inventory management is to recommend the appropriate inventory level to be held for each item stocked by the organisation as well as the size and frequency of inventory replenishments. The aim is to determine the inventory level needed to manage the supply chain and support the organisation’s customer service level.

    LOG203 Inventory Management provides students with an understanding of the importance of inventory ...in an organisation and different approaches for effective management of inventory. It considers cases when customer demand is known in advance as well as when demand is uncertain and discusses ways to forecast the demand in these cases. The course explores best practices to manage inventory in global supply chains that have become increasingly complex and uncertain.

  1. 1st Prize

  2. Head of Programme Assoc Prof Emily Ortega
    Course Developers Yeo Eun-Young, Assoc Prof Emily Ortega

    PSY107 Introduction to Psychology I introduces the basic principles, concepts, and theories of the following key areas: Research Methods, Biological Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology.


    Psychology is fundamentally the science of behaviour and mental processes, and psychologists use scientific methods to test their ideas empirically. A better understanding of human behaviour can be achieved by studying the biological basis of behaviour and the various cognitive functions involved.

    Such core concepts will be covered in this iSG, which has embedded lecture videos, integrated multimedia resources and learning activities.

  3. 2nd Prize

  4. Head of Programme Dr Eunice Tan Meng Yin
    Course Developers Caroline Lee

    SPE107 Language and Communication Needs provides you with fundamental knowledge in the areas of linguistics, child language development, and childhood language ...disorders to support the learning needs of children with language and communication difficulties.

    You will examine theories related to language development, and how these can impact learning. The use of strategies and technologies for supporting children with language and communication difficulties are also explored.

  5. 3rd Prize

  6. Head of Programme Assoc Prof Paul Wu Horng Jyh
    Course Developers Fabian Ng

    ICT318 Network Security provides a broad overview on the concept and importance of network security.

    By learning the basics of encryption, students can ...understand how the use of keys protect information for Internet applications by verifying the origin of a message (also known as authentication), proving the contents of a message are not modified after sending (integrity), and ensuring the sender cannot deny sending the message (nonrepudiation).

    Students will also be able to explain how security is implemented at the Application, Transport and Network layers of the TCP/IP stack. In addition, network security technologies that protect the computer network against any theft of information and malicious attacks will be presented, including firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and IEEE 802.11i. Students will be able to comprehend and explain the need for business contingency plans and incident response process.

  7. Head of Programme Assoc Prof Kang Soon Hock
    Course Developers Kasthuri Prameswaren

    POL103 Government and Politics of Singapore provides you with fundamental knowledge of and orientation to the government and politics of Singapore.


    Much has changed since Singapore gained its independence. This course will cover both Singapore’s political history as well as the present landscape of governance and politics in Singapore. The course provides students with the knowledge and background needed to understand why governance and politics are framed as they are in Singapore.

  1. 1st Prize

  2. Head of Programme Khoo Sim Eng
    Course Developers Khoo Sim Eng

    Are you a film buff and have you always wondered why you are drawn to certain types of film?

    FLM201 Film Genre: Understanding Types of Film will provide you ...with a good introduction to film genre: how it first evolved, how it is connected to production, distribution, and exhibition, and how genres can overlap.

    Through chunked lectures, interactive activities and movie clips, you will explore key genres such as the Western, drama, crime, film noir and science fiction, and learn about the specific conventions of each genre and why they appeal to audiences.

  3. 2nd Prize

  4. Head of Programme Assoc Prof Yew Chiew Ping
    Course Developers Assoc Prof Yew Chiew Ping

    Do you have an interest in contemporary Chinese politics and would you like to be able to appropriately analyse and interpret current news events on China?


    CCS102 Government and Politics in China will provide you with an overview as it reviews the political development of China from 1949 to the present from the dual perspective of the state and the society.

    The StudyGuide will look at how power is structured in the party-state and how the system has evolved under various leaders, before delving into central-local relations and governance in the minority regions. Moving from state to society, it will survey the forms of political participation and contention through which the Chinese people seek to influence government policy, then conclude with a reflection on the Chinese political model in view of China’s domestic challenges and its global ascendance.

    Through interactive content, websites, videos and article links embedded in the StudyGuide, you will be able to understand basic patterns of development in Chinese politics and comment on the political challenges and prospects for the People’s Republic.

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