Technology, the source of the problem, will once again prove to contain within itself the germs of a solution compatible with the betterment of man's lot and dignity.

Charles Susskind

This Study Unit is concerned with how first or old generation security technology and new generation security technology are used to solve and anticipate problems. With progress and the reinvigoration of security platforms, the real challenge of training in the use of these platforms as well as the consolidation of existing security platforms have become a pertinent factor in creating the necessary balance between technology, safety and security.

Source: JSTOR, 2019

We recall that security and technology are interdependent variables. This Study Unit examines the relationship between technology, criminals and terrorists. At the metaphorical level, one can say that technology like fire is a good slave but a poor master. This Study Unit invites students to consider different generations of security technology and explore the challenges raised by the over reliance on technology. At the end of this Study Unit, students should be able to appraise models of security technology.