Formative Assessment

  1. The legislation on terrorism was developed in Singapore due to ____________
    1. Singapore’s unstable economical climate
    2. Singapore’s keen interest in developing legislations
    3. Singapore was threatened by a terrorist
    4. Singapore wanted to take precautionary measures after September 11 attack.
  2. Identify a key concept in the security studies political actor-network theory (ANT).
    1. Inscriptions of security studies political beliefs, security studies political practices and security studies political relations that embody technology.
    2. Most political actors are immoral beings.
    3. All assignations are about the allocation of security studies political agency to non-human actors.
    4. All actors are not equal in the network for security studies.
  3. What is the key concept in the security studies paradigm involving the social construction of technology?
    1. The idea of interpretive flexibility in the security studies paradigm of the social construction of technology.
    2. The idea of limited reliability of human engineers in the security studies paradigm of the social construction of technology.
    3. The idea of non-involvement of governmental agencies in the security studies paradigm of the social construction of technology.
    4. The idea that requires only support from technical expertise.
  4. Which statement below that depicts security studies interpretation of social presence theory?
    1. The communication medium has a significant social impact. @ Correct! The social presence theory highlights communication
    2. The social network has no significance on the social presence theory.
    3. The individual can create an impact with his own effort.
    4. The individual cannot create a social presence using technology.
  5. Modern Southeast Asian (SEA) states require firm and close security technology arrangements because of __________
    1. a lack of support from Britain after the post-Cold War.
    2. lack of finance to support military technology development.
    3. low levels of political stability, regional racial harmony, and the SEA arms race.
    4. lack of resources from Australia and Japan.
  6. Examine each of these statements and identify four Southeast Asian (SEA) countries that have the most active terrorist groups.
    1. Bhutan, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines
    2. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines
    3. Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines
    4. Laos, Vanuatu, Thailand and Philippines
  7. The Front Pembela Islam is fighting for
    1. implementation of patent law in security operations.
    2. the implementation of Technical Law so as to achieve harmony and equality for all Malaysians.
    3. implementation of Sharia Law
    4. implementation of criminal law in Singapore.
  8. The plot to stage bombings in Singapore was allegedly organised by some members of the foreign “technical committee” of:
    1. Laskar Jihad Al Mohumadiyal (LJAM)
    2. Front Pemangku Payong (FPP)
    3. Al-Qaeda al Teknikal (AQAT)
    4. Jemaah Islamiah (JI)
  9. The MILF Camp Abu Bakar and Camp Vietnam had terrorists who had received security technology training from the:
    1. military
    2. terrorist cells in Bahrain County, Philadelphia
    3. technologists from ITM in Johor
    4. CPT
  10. Identify the states known for state-sponsored terrorism
    1. Singapore and Malaysia
    2. Libya and North Korea @ Correct! These two countri
    3. Malaysia and Thailand
    4. Pakistan and Indonesia