7. Learning Mode


You may be viewing the iStudyGuide version, which is the mobile version of the Study Guide. The iStudyGuide is developed to enhance your learning experience with interactive learning activities and engaging multimedia. Depending on the reader you are using to view the iStudyGuide, you will be able to personalise your learning with digital bookmarks, note-taking and highlight sections of the guide.

Interaction with Instructor and Fellow Students

Although flexible learning – learning at your own pace, space and time – is a hallmark at SUSS, you are encouraged to engage your instructor and fellow students in online discussion forums. Sharing of ideas through meaningful debates will help broaden your learning and crystallise your thinking.

Academic Integrity

As a student of SUSS, it is expected that you adhere to the academic standards stipulated in The Student Handbook, which contains important information regarding academic policies, academic integrity and course administration. It is necessary that you read and understand the information stipulated in the Student Handbook, prior to embarking on the course.