6. Course Schedule

To help monitor your study progress, you should pay special attention to your Course Schedule. It contains study unit related activities including Assignments, Self-assessments, and Examinations. Please refer to the Course Timetable in the Student Portal for the updated Course Schedule.

Note: You should always make it a point to check the Student Portal for any announcements and latest updates.

You need to ensure you fully understand the contents of each Study Unit listed in the Course Schedule. You are expected to complete the suggested activities either independently and/or in groups. It is imperative that you read through your Assignment questions and submission instructions before embarking on your Assignment. It is also important you comprehend the Overall Assessment Weighting of your course. It is also important you comprehend the assessment weighting of your course which is listed in the Assessment Overview of this Guide.

Manage your time well so you can meet given deadlines and do regular revisions after completing each unit of study. They will help you retain the knowledge garnered and prepare you for any required formal assessment. If your course requires an end-of-semester examination, do look through the Specimen or Past Year Exam Paper which is available on Learning Management System.