5. Assessment Overview

The overall assessment weighting for this course is as follows:

Assessment Description Weight Allocation
Assignment 1 Pre-Course Quiz 1 2%
Pre-Class Quiz 1 2%
Pre-Class Quiz 2 2%
Assignment 2 Group-based Assignment 20%
Assignment 3 Tutor-marked Assignment 18%
Class Participation Participation 6%
Examination Written Examination 50%
TOTAL   100%

SUSS’s assessment strategy consists of two components: the Overall Continuous Assessment Score (OCAS) and the Overall Examinable Score (OES), which make up the overall course assessment score. Both components are equally weighted 50:50.

Continuous Assessment:

There will be continuous assessment in the form of quizzes, one tutor-marked assignment , one group-based assignment and class participation. In total, this continuous assessment will constitute 50 percent of overall student assessment for this course. The continuous assignments are compulsory and are non-substitutable. It is imperative that you read through your Assignment questions and submission instructions before embarking on your Assignment.


The final (2-hour) written exam will constitute the other 50 percent of overall student assessment. All topics covered in the course outline will be examinable. To prepare for the exam, you are advised to review Specimen or Past Year Exam Papers available on Learning Management System.

Passing Mark:

To successfully pass the course, you must obtain a minimum passing mark of 40 percent for each of the continuous assessments components. That is, students must obtain at least a mark of 40 percent for the combined assessments and also at least a mark of 40 percent for the final exam. For detailed information on the Course grading policy, please refer to The Student Handbook (‘Award of Grades’ section under Assessment and Examination Regulations). The Student Handbook is available from the Student Portal.

Non-graded Learning Activities:

Activities for the purpose of self-learning are present in each study unit. These learning activities are meant to enable you to assess your understanding and achievement of the learning outcomes. The type of activities can be in the form of Quiz, Review Questions, Application-Based Questions or similar. You are expected to complete the suggested activities either independently and/or in groups.