4. Learning Material

The following is a list of the required learning materials to complete this course.

Required Textbook(s)

Landau, S. E. (2013). Surveillance or security?: The risks posed by new wiretapping technologies. Cambridge, Mass.; London: MIT Press.

Other recommended study material (Optional)

Timothy, A. M., McElwee, B. W. H. & Joseph, L. (Eds.). (2009). Peace, justice, and security studies a curriculum guide. (7th ed.). Boulder, Colo.; London: L. Rienner.

Wayne, M. I. (2008). China's war on terrorism: Counter- insurgency, politics, and internal security. London: Routledge.

Special Requirement (Optional)

Students are required to read any version of the local Singapore newspapers everyday. They are to focus on the news reports relating to security matters and issues including foreign policy, domestic politics and government, terrorism, police matters, criminal activities, political violence, conflict and military matters across the world in general, and specifically in Southeast Asia.