Formative Assessment

  1. Identify the statement that accurately depicts a prison.
    1. A prison is a place for meditation
    2. A prison provides rehabilitation
    3. A prison allows vacation
    4. A prison encourage violent behavior
  2. Prisons worldwide have been transformed for the benefit of prisoners. Identify one of the key changes in the modern day prison.
    1. Use of technology to enhance the control system in prison
    2. Housing the inmates in a gymnasium
    3. Allowing family members to assist in prison security
    4. Providing choices of beverages to suit the needs of prisoners
  3. Identify the key benefit of using the pods system in a prison.
    1. Use of less manpower for control and security
    2. Use of less innovative technology
    3. Allows the prisoners to exercise regularly
    4. Allows the prisoners to compensate the victims
  4. Prisons are divided into 6 different categories to cater to the needs of prisoners. Identify the key consideration in implementing such a division.
    1. educational level of prisoners
    2. dietary need of prisoners
    3. risk level of prisoners
    4. marital status of prisoners
  5. The Panopticon prison aims to _________
    1. punish the prisoners
    2. criticize the prisoners
    3. scrutinize the prisoners
    4. encourage the prisoners to conform
  6. The 5th level security in a prison system provides supervision for ____________
    1. low risk criminals
    2. high risk criminals
    3. low level officers
    4. high level officers
  7. Prisons are classified into different categories according to the _________
    1. level of food intake
    2. level of academic qualification
    3. level of dangerousness
    4. level of integrity
  8. The modern prison incorporates the “podular” layout. Identify an accurate description of the layout.
    1. Large landing-cellblock
    2. Multiple cages
    3. Large number of confinement cells
    4. Smaller self-contained housing units
  9. Modern prisons are designed with two objectives. Identify an accurate description of the modern prisons design.
    1. High level of control with maximal degree of direct monitoring
    2. High level of freedom with maximal degree of direct monitoring
    3. Low level of scrutiny with minimum degree of direct monitoring
    4. Low level of scrutiny with maximal degree of direct monitoring
  10. The term specific security accurately describes prisons for __________
    1. Dangerous criminals
    2. Violent criminals
    3. Insane criminals
    4. White collar criminals