Formative Assessment

  1. Identify an example of the first generation technology in a building.
    1. Light weight walls
    2. Vehicle height-restrictors
    3. Air-conditioner ventilator
    4. Solar power energy
  2. Accurately identify the statement below that explains security technology in Security Studies from your readings.
    1. Security technology is about changing the environment for humans to become economically stable.
    2. Security technology is about changing the security environment to suit the needs of human beings especially if they work in the cities.
    3. Security technology is about controlling the environment in which humans live to make life more efficient, more impactful or more effective in order to save time, costs, and effort.
    4. Security technology is about changing the environment to increase the productivity level in the agricultural sector.
  3. Identify a second generation technology.
    1. Barb wire mesh
    2. Early electric fencing
    3. Metal barriers
    4. Steel locks
  4. Identify a third generation technology.
    1. Intrusion detection system
    2. Lock
    3. Video monitoring system
    4. Height-restrictors
  5. Video monitoring system is part of ________________
    1. first generation security technology
    2. fourth generation security technology
    3. third generation security technology
    4. second generation security technology
  6. Identify the statement below that accurately explains the role of humans in the development of security technology.
    1. Humans continue to play a significant role in the fifth generation security technology.
    2. Humans play a limited role in any generation of security technology.
    3. Humans play a greater role only in the fourth generation technology.
    4. Humans are not required in the formation of security technology.
  7. What is part of the technologies of the self?
    1. Prison cell @ Incorrect. The prison cell is not part of t
    2. biometric passports
    3. closed circuit television
    4. intrusion detection system
  8. Foucault argues that technologies of self as
    1. human-dislike producing technology to protect themselves
    2. Human-dislike conducting themselves in the most ethical manner
    3. human performative acts that are immoral because of technology
    4. humans produce their own ethical self-understanding through engagement in the security developmental processes.
  9. Technicism is a security technology concept that assumes _________
    1. humanity will eventually control the entire existence of security technology
    2. humanity cannot control the development of security through technology
    3. humanity will fail to co-exist with the development of technology
    4. humanity will project greater dependency on technology
  10. Identify a statement that accurately reflects the differences between first generation technology and new generation technology.
    1. First generation is better than the new generation technology.
    2. The generation can be compared according to the cost of insecurity of lives.
    3. New generation technology is cheaper to implement.
    4. The generation can be compared according to the user-preferences.