Face-to-Face Class

All face-to-face classes will be replaced by live virtual classes conducted via Zoom.

Integrated within the Canvas learning management system, Zoom is a web-conferencing platform that comes with an easy-to-use interface allowing instructors to conduct real-time, online classes outside of the campus, usually from their own home. Students attending classes via Zoom can interact with their instructors synchronously online.

Zoom is available in your Canvas course under the left navigation button named “Virtual Class” or “Online Seminar”.

For more information on Zoom, please login to Learning Services Support portal at https://lssupport.suss.edu.sg and click Zoom.

More information will be provided by the schools when this operation kicks in.


On-campus examinations will be replaced by Timed Online Assignments to be taken remotely from home.

Students will be required to submit examination answers in the same way they have been doing for Tutor-Marked Assignment (TMA) submission.

Plagiarism checks will be in place to ensure originality of their submission.

More information will be provided by Examination Administration department and schools if this mode of examination is implemented for the May 2020 examinations.