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When an increasing part of teaching and learning happens digitally, it is crucial to have tools to support teaching and platforms that foster both collaboration and communication. We have selected some e-teaching resources to support your teaching. Together these resources help you explore ways in which teaching can be done strategically in efficient, effective, and innovative ways.


Canvas is a course management platform that allows instructors to organize all the resources students need for a class (e.g. syllabi, assignments, readings, online quizzes), provide valuable grading tools, and create spaces for discussion, document sharing, and video and audio commentary. All courses are automatically given a course space in Canvas.

Virtual Class

SUSS has changed our web conferencing tool, named as Virtual Class within Canvas, from Blackboard Collaborate to Zoom.

Zoom (https://zoom.us/) was chosen based on its ease-of-use in terms of user experience as well as their useful functionalities in fulfilling teaching and learning needs.

At SUSS, instructors can use Zoom to schedule and conduct online classes or just to meet-up with students for consultation sessions virtually.

These are some features that instructors will find useful:
  1. Schedule online lesson with students from within Canvas. Meet your students online with full control over video & audio
  2. Record the online lesson for students to playback in Canvas. Mobile devices are supported
  3. Display documents, websites, or perform a software demo and show your desktop online for teaching purposes
  4. Conduct a poll to gauge understanding of the lesson
  5. Facilitate rich discussions by breaking your students into smaller groups, with video & audio
  6. Annotate on documents and allow your students to do so together


Microsoft Imagine

The Microsoft Imagine Initiative is a Microsoft programme that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes to students, instructors and faculty.

Under this Initiative, SUSS is able to offer a suite of Microsoft software free-of-charge to facilitate your teaching and non-commercial projects. For the full list of Microsoft software available for download, please click here.

Before you can start to download the software, an account sign-up is required. A sign-up email triggered from Microsoft Imagine will be send to your SUSS email shortly. Please follow the instructions.

Due to licensing requirements, your Microsoft Imagine account will be deleted at the end of every semester. If you are still an Associate of SUSS for the next semester, a new sign-up email will be send to your SUSS email before the start of a new semester.

For frequently asked questions related to technical issues, please refer to https://imagine.microsoft.com/en-us/institutions/faq

For technical related support, please submit an online form via https://support.microsoft.com/en-sg/supportrequestform/7a3f017a-c951-7e06-1bd7-64bf7fc202ff?SL=en&SC=SG

For account sign-up related enquiries, please email to dreamspark@suss.edu.sg

Please note that SUSS Technical Helpdesk does not assist in technical related enquiries/support for this initiative.

The support is provided via the online form mentioned above.


Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that works great with Google Cast™, AirPlay™ and AirParrot 2®. It is used to mirror your content to the big screen without wires or complicated setups. It allows you to show video, demo applications or presentation or even send your screens directly to YouTube for others to watch live without wires.


Swivl is a video learning platform—an inexpensive mobile accessory, cloud hosting service, and mobile app—that enables users to capture and share videos from anywhere at any time. Swivl allows users to utilize a variety of technology, such as tablets and smartphones, to create multimedia videos. Users can then share this content on Swivl’s private and secure video hosting service, where they always retain the rights to their content.

See the Swivl in actionhttp://vimeo.com/97365085