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To promote teaching excellence at SUSS, we have increasingly turned to evidence-based inquiry to develop a deeper understanding of learning and teaching within the SUSS context. Our faculty and associates engages in research inquiry into teaching and learning through Associate Champion Grant and Inovation Seed Grant schemes which support Schools in calibrating and tailoring instructional efforts.

Other than this, Learning Services also conducts its own pedagogical research. Probing between the interstices of technology and pedagogy, it gathers data to study student learning behaviour and outcomes. Learning Analytics is key to our efforts in studying learning trends and patterns. Trends are captured through gathering student learning data in different cohorts and over time. Through this, we hope to:

  • identify gaps in our current knowledge of teaching and learning at SUSS;
  • study how students learn through technologies at SUSS;
  • investigate the impact and efficacies of technologies and platforms (e.g. LMS) introduced; and
  • consolidate current knowledge of technology-enhanced learning in improving student learning outcomes.

This approach allows us to gather sufficient information to chart key strategies catering to both present and future needs. The ultimate outcome is to develop our capacities to build up evidence-based teaching strategies, aimed to improve our teaching instruction, course design, support strategies and the ultimate learning experience of our students. More about our research efforts can be found in Learning Analytics.

To encourage further engagement of scholarly inquiry into teaching and learning in the community, we have also launched an online peer reviewed journal. Known as Advances in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, the journal publishes research papers and essays contributed by an international community of practitioners engaging in the scholarly work. The papers and essays could be accessed in the journal.