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About ETP

The Educational Technology & Production (ETP) department works closely with Schools to develop course content which leverages on interactive multimedia and mobile technologies. The design of effective and engaging eLearning serves to advance the best learning experience for our students.

ETP supports SUSS’s mission through its 4 key services:

Learning Design

  • Works with subject matter experts to design and develop instructionally-sound and engaging eCourses for UniLEARN projects
  • Supports the design and development of training resources for professional development of course developers, associates and online instructors

Multimedia Development

  • Produces engaging and interactive multimedia elements for eCourses as well as for student and associate development courses
  • Creates effective user interface design in Study Guides and other teaching and learning resources
  • Reviews and promotes use of relevant multimedia tools by schools that enhances students’ learning

Audio-Video (AV) Production

  • Works with Schools to produce instructional videos and other media assets that enhance students’ learning
  • Facilitates the recordings of instructor-led seminars/lectures via the university’s classroom recording system
  • Produces corporate-level promotional videos for SUSS

Course Admin Support

  • Formats and manages the copyediting of Study Guides
  • Works with course developers to ensure compliance with guidelines on course development and use of copyrighted materials
  • Tracks development processes to ensure timely completion of course materials for presentation and payments for course development work

The Team

Assoc Prof Lee Wee Leong Director, ETP

"We live in exciting times. Our students' learning needs are constantly evolving. And to keep pace with the changes, our teaching faculty need to consider how best to leverage on use of a myriad of educational technology tools and applications. This is to ensure that learning is both effective and engaging. ETP has a critical role to play to make this happen. From design and development of online courses to providing administrative and technical support for students and faculty, every member of the ETP team recognises that he/she needs to contribute and value add to this endeavor."


Dr Yeung Sze Kiu Senior Lecturer

Content Systems & Technology

Siew Shid Mei Content Systems Manager
Tan Kian Xian Ken Content Technology Manager

Multimedia Development

Rebecca Lee MM Manager
Chloe Chong Senior Multimedia Executive
Ang Li Ping Multimedia Executive
Lynn Lim Multimedia Executive
Gevin Leow Multimedia Executive
Chat Del Rosario Inoue Senior Multimedia Developer
Maybel Heng Multimedia Developer

AV Production

Kiang Tzy Peng Principal Projects Associate / AV Manager
Danny Chin Senior AV Executive
Mohd Jufrie Bin Ramli Senior AV Officer
Goh Wen Jin Samuel AV Officer
Claudia Lim Yi Xuan AV Officer

Course Admin

Joanne Goh Admin Manager
Diane Quek Executive
Adeline Loh Executive
Jolene Tan Senior Officer
Wong Ling Ming Senior Officer
Emily Ko Senior Officer