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About eTextbook

eTextbooks are the electronic versions of the textbooks for students and instructors. As a downloadable resource, it enables students to learn anytime, anywhere even when there is no network connectivity. The eTextbook allows access using multiple devices (i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone) and across various operating systems (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows & Mac)

implementation of eTextbook

Welcome to the new semester. We are excited to announce our eTextbook implementation to make learning more engaging and enjoyable experience at SUSS.

With the prevalent of smart phone and the increasing number of adult learners reading from their mobile devices, it is imperative to leverage on technology to make learning more accessible. eTextbook is one of the many initiatives that SUSS is working towards making learning more flexible. In addition, eTextbook is developed with engaging interactive features and better technology to help you to monitor your own learning.

Seminar on eTextbook

This video recording is of the VitalSource eTextbook Training Seminar, which was conducted on Saturday, 23rd June 2018, for SUSS' Faculty and Associates. The speakers were Ms Chavonne Primus (VitalSource Customer Training Manager) and Mr Kevin Hoyle (Senior Account Executive – International). They shared about the useful features of eTextbooks and how the Instructor Dashboard’s analytics could help them help their students.

SUSS VitalSource Faculty Training Part 1

SUSS VitalSource Faculty Training Part 2

Click here for the seminar handouts.

If you have further query please refer to the LS Support Community

Features of the app


It is useful for you to highlight important concepts or information for easy retrieval.

Video (Online) Video (PC/Mac) Video (iOS) Video (Android)

Notes Taking

This function allows you to summarise or write your own reflection of the different sections in the eTextbook.

Video (Online) Video (PC/Mac) Video (iOS) Video (Android)


This allows you to search for information using keywords found in your eTextbook for your assignment or to do research.

Video (Online) Video (PC/Mac) Video (iOS) Video (Android)

Copy Text

This allows you to easily copy sections of your eTextbook that you might need in your note-taking or assignment preparation.

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This is useful when you want to share notes or questions with your classmates or instructors.

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Download VitalSource Bookshelf ®

View eTextbooks

  • eTextbooks are available in Learning Management System. To view the eTextbooks, a free application called VitalSource Bookshelf is required.
  • eTextbooks are accessible through Learning Management System (Canvas):

    Please ensure that you have installed the required version of VitalSource Bookshelf ® to view eTextbooks.

    1. Proceed to the L Group of your course (e.g. ACC333_JUL17_L01).
    2. Click "iBookStore" from the left menu.